Trilingua: Promoting multi-linguistic competences

For several years, the D├ępartement Moselle, the Direction des Services D├ęparte-mentaux de l'Education Nationale, the Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Euro-pean Union are committed to language learning of the ones neighbor within the INTERREG-Program through numerous actions and projects. With the school year 2008/09, a new support of multi-linguistic competences in the framework of the INTERREG IV A became possible by the TRILINGUA project.

Project objective

The objective of the project is the promotion and development of language learning to prepare adolescents for their efficient integration into society and into the labor market of the Greater Region.


Through extensive measures of teachers-in service-training and by the development of specific pedagogical materials based on innovative pedagogical concepts, pre-schools and elementary schools are accompanied and supported in this task. TRILINGUA is implemented in the pre-schools and elementary schools by French and German language teachers. There is a close cooperation with the local authorities and secondary schools.